New Zealand Electorate Voter Demographic Visualisation

In electorates where there are more people in group x, were there more or fewer votes for y?

Demographic Variable (Census 2013)

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* The asterisk means that the coefficient may not be statistically significant.
More information about correlation via Math is fun! Correlation is not causation! You have been warned.

Population behaviour does not allow (valid) conclusions to be drawn about individuals.
There is a time difference between the election (2014) and the census (2013), and people move.
People also don't always actually live in the electorate that they currently vote in.
StatsNZ bases the Māori Electorate statistics based on people of Māori descent, not on the electoral roll.
More information about hazards of individual vs. aggregate correlations via Wikipedia.
Scaling for population attempts to correct for pop differences between electorates, but is not perfect.
Immigration variables do not contain data for the Māori electorates.

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